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January 2017 ARES Meeting Presentation


December 2016 ARES Meeting Presentation

ARES Meet 2016_12

November 2016 ARES Meeting Presentation

ARES Meet 2016-11

Oct 2016 ARES Meeting Presentation



Here’s some pictures of Ed’s KC7ZBI’s R9 Antenna that was taken out by the storm.








Then Continued to beat it.


Coming Apart

With some of the pieces on the ground.


Where’s the very top?  Right now who knows.

New Washco ARES Net Preamble


Click HERE for the new Washco ARES Net Control Preamble
Both Docx and PDF can be downloaded

Sep 2016 ARES Meeting Presentation


Aug. 2016 ARES Meeting Presentation

ARES Meet 2016_08

July 2016 ARES Meeting Presentation

ARES Meet 2016_07

FCC form 605C

As promised at the recent Station Manager meeting, attached is a
fillable Form 605C.  Be sure to post these specific instructions with
the form on the website:

It is recommended that it be filled in using a suitable PDF read-write
program (or downloaded and filled out by hand) and "wet signed" by the
NEW trustee and a "club official" (officer) who is not the new Trustee.
Then do either of the following - there is NO fee required.

*  Scan the completed application and e-mail it to:  ARRL VEC <vec@arrl.org>
*  Mail the completed application to:  ARRL VEC, 225 Main Street,
Newington, CT 06111

Keep a copy of EVERYTHING in the station records, and don't forget to
download an "Official Copy" for the FCC's ULS after it is granted.

73 de K2ASP - Phil Kane

Click 605C_Blank to download the form