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Nets & Meetings

Recurring Nets and Meetings

Monthly Meetings

When: 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7pm.
Location: Peppermill Restaurant in Aloha.

Many people show up early to eat dinner and socialize. Discussions include updates from served agencies, upcoming events or training classes, and other news.

Station Manager Meetings

When: 1st Thursday of every month at 1900 or 7pm PST or 0300z
Where: WCCCA

Discussions include system changes, improvements and a training schedule for each served agency. Make sure you and/or your “second in command” will attend. It is very important that each served agency is represented. Any ARES member can attend; the more the better!

VHF Voice Net

When: Tuesdays at 7pm PT (every Tuesday except 3rd Tuesday of the month)
Where: 146.90-  MHz – tone 127.3 –  FM repeater

On Air Training Net

On Hold


HF Digital Net

When: Fridays at 8pm PT
Where: 80 meters (3579.5 kHz USB) using PSK31 usually around 1k on the waterfall

The Oregon Digital Net is open to all amateurs interested in HF digital modes (PSK, MFSK, Olivia, etc.). We ask that members and visitors to the net use FLDigi.  The ODN meets at 8:00 pm PST on a frequency of 3579.5kHz USB using PSK31.  Check-in with your callsign, name, and Location. This net will explore the use of alternate modes, frequencies. We hope to provide training sessions for those less experienced with alternate digital communication modes and software.

D-STAR Digital Voice & Data Net

When: Tuesdays at 7:30pm PT (after the VHF Voice Net on 146.900 MHz) until 8:00pm PT (for the On Air Training Net back on 146.900 MHz)
Where: 440.550 MHz  (+ Offset, No Tone) – N7QQU (Module B)

Put your D-STAR radio to work and check-in on our weekly net. It’s a great opportunity to make sure your equipment is configured properly, learn about upcoming local events, and find out what is new with Washington County ARES/RACES. One of the great features of D-STAR is the ability to do voice simultaneously with data so feel free to pick up the microphone or join us with D-RATS. We’re open to all amateurs regardless of membership or affiliation. More information can be found on our D-STAR page.

Other Nets of Interest

Oregon Daytime Section Net (ODSN)

  • When: Daily at 10:15 Pacific Time
  • Where: 3920 kHz LSB


  • When: First and third Tuesday of every month at 5:30pm.
  • Where: 3964.00 kHz LSB

6 Meter SSB Net

  • When: Mondays at 8pm
  • Where: 50.140 USB

2 Meter SSB Net

  • When: Mondays at 8:30pm
  • Where: 144.240 USB

0.7 Meter SSB Net

  • When: Thursday at 8:30pm
  • Where: 432.125 USB

NTS Traffic Nets

Net Name Frequency Occurrence Pacific Time Zulu Time
Idaho CD 3990 kHz M-F 0700 1400Z
Montana Section 3900 kHz Sunday 0700 1400Z
WSN/1 3563/7038 kHz Daily 0730 1430Z
DRN7/C1 7238/3925 kHz Daily 0945 1745Z
DRN7/C2 7238/3925 kHz Daily 1500 2300Z
MTN 3910 kHz Daily 1730 0030Z
ATN (Alberta) 3685 kHz Daily 1800 0100Z
Beaver State 3920 kHz Daily 1730 0030Z
WARTS 3970 kHz Daily 1800 0100Z
OSN/1 3569 kHz Daily 1830 0130Z
WSN/1 3563/7038 kHz Daily 1845 0145Z
FARM 3937 kHz Daily 1900 0200Z
BCEN 3652 kHz Daily 1900 0200Z
RN7/C3 3560/7048 kHz Daily 1930 0230Z
IMN (Idaho/Montana) 3578.5/7043 kHz Daily 2000 0300Z
PAN 3552/7052 kHz Daily 2030 0330Z
RN7/C4 3560/7048 kHz Daily 2130 0430Z
OSN/2 3569 kHz Daily 2200 0500Z
NW Traffic & Training 145.27, 145.47 MHz,
145.43, 146.80 MHz,
443.150 MHz
(all PL 107.2)
Daily 1805 0105Z
Western Oregon Emergency 146.780 MHz Daily 1930 0230Z
Oregon Emergency 3980 kHz Daily 1800, 1900 0100Z,0200Z
Oregon ARES D1 147.320 MHz Daily 1930 0230Z
SATERN 14.265MHz Daily 0800 1500Z
Oregon Emergency Management 3990 kHz Daily 0730 1430Z


Multnomah County ARES Net

  • When: Wednesdays at 7pm
  • Where: 146.840-  Repeater

Oregon State Defense Force

  • When: Tuesdays at 10am, Wednesdays at 8pm
  • Where: 146.90- tone 127.3