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Membership Requirements

Washington County ARES Provisional Member Requirements

  1. Current FCC amateur radio license of any level
  2. Sincere desire to serve the agencies we support
  3. Submit a completed WashCoARES_RACESMembershipApplication

Once you have submitted the membership application and been approved by the Emergency Coordinator, you will be issued a provisional ARES identification card. You have 180 days from the date this card is issued to complete the training requirement (except as approved by the EC). The EC will consult with individuals who fail to complete the requirements to determine the best course of action.

Washington County ARES Active Member Requirements

  1. ICS-100
  2. ICS-200
  3. ICS-288  (Optional)
  4. ICS-700
  5. ICS-775  (Optional)
  6. ICS-802  (Optional)
  7. Washington County ARES Orientation Course (under development)

Members are required to have at least 26 hours of participation and 18 hours of training per year. Members who do not meet these requirements will be contacted by the EC to work out a resolution.

All members are strongly encouraged to prepare and maintain a 144-hour emergency kit with sufficient supplies to provide for their family. Members should have a “go kit” with amateur radio equipment to support their response to an activation.

Washington County RACES Identification Card Requirements

  1. Completed ICS-100/200/700 courses above
  2. Submit request for background check to RACES Radio Officer

Please note that the RACES program is not a function of Washington County ARES and they may impose additional requirements at any time. You should consult with the Washington County RACES Radio Officer regarding current requirements.

Please note that you will be unable to access certain served agency facilities without this ID card and may be asked to respond to other needs in the event of an emergency activation.