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    All general discussion on our Exercises

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    Looks like this forum is not updated too often.

    I am looking at slides 35-40 on our last meeting minutes (ARES_Meet_2016_4) and cannot determine exactly what is being asked of me either as an ARES member, or how I can participate as a member without going to the Washco EOC, etc.

    Last Chance SET
    TWO Post Offices 144.980 & 145.550
    Temporary Repeater 442.250 + 100.0Hz
    Multnomah Co. Cross Band Repeater 146.480/446.450
    HF NET 3.964 or 7.214

    Or this:

    Last Chance SET
    Saturday 0800 -1300
    OOEM and Washington County EM Injects
    Packet/Pactor Messages
    Service Message
    Request for Assistance
    SITREP every 2 hour
    HOT Wash & AAR

    Can we have some training on what these exercises require, in English, or do I need to re-read all my ICS training? Or Both?
    I want to help but this is frustrating.
    Larrt KF7YBT

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