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    Let’s discuss RMS Express

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    KC7PMU’s RMS Express Post Office is up and running.
    Fire up RMS Express and send a message to another station using a normal Packet WL2K session. It will act the same a if you were connecting to a normal RMS Packet Server.

    Callsign is: KC7PMU-10
    Frequency is: 145.55 mHz

    Your message will be in the Post Office until picked up by the station it is addressed to. If you want to know it’s been picked up then check the Request read receipt box on the new message form.

    The first time you use the Post Office please send a report to KC7PMU with a CC to K7TRP including your location and power used to connect. Also include the quality of the connection.


    Tim, K7TRP

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    RMS Express and the coming Security Changes

    Contrary to what you may have heard, secure login is not required. We (the Winlink Development Team) are considering a proposal to do just that, but it has not been implemented. Here is what we are considering and how implementation might impact your use of Winlink:

    • Require a password on all callsign accounts
    • Tactical addresses can optionally have a password
    • At some point in the future (AFTER all client programs can support this) the CMS will require secure login

    So, how will this change the way you use Winlink?

    • If you already have a password for your callsign account and have elected secure login, nothing changes.
    • If you share the callsign account (club account, etc.) with others you will need to share the password or alter your procedures to use a tactical address instead. Tactical addresses can have a password, but it will not be required.

    What should you do right now?

    • If your callsign account does not have a password use the Winlink web site to add one.
    • Also (very important) use the Winlink web site to add a password recovery email address that can be used if you forget your account password. Without this, you could be locked out or your account for extended periods.
    • If you share a callsign account with others, consider using a tactical address instead.

    And finally, what is Secure Login?

    The Secure Logon Protocol was created to avoid exposing a user’s password. Instead, the CMS sends a challenge phrase to the client program in order to validate account access. The client program computes a response based on the challenge phrase and the user’s password. This computed value is then returned to the CMS where the same process is used to validate it. The user’s password never leaves the CMS or the client application.

    -Lee, K0QED
    Winlink Development Team

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    Using the Winlink Express HTML Forms

    Make sure you have the newest Winlink Express version installed.
    Open a new Message by clicking on “Message” then “New Message”
    Click on “Select Template”
    Click on “+” beside “Standard Templates”
    Click on “+” beside “OR_STATE_Forms”
    Click on form desired and then click on “Select” at top of window or
    Double click on the Title of the form.
    This will open the HTML form in a browser.
    Fill out the form and click on “Submit” bottom left of form.
    You will get a small window with Instructions, click on “OK”
    and close your browser.
    In the “Enter a new message” window that was created enter the Callsign or Email address the form needs to be sent to.
    Select type of winlink message it is.
    Winlink Message or Peer-to-Peer Message
    Remember to “Post to Outbox” when done.
    The HTML form will be ATTACHED to the outgoing email along with the text that is visible in the “Enter a new message” window.
    Now the message can be sent by radio or by Telnet.

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    Sending HTML to normal email user, non Winlink Express 12/14/2016

    Remember, a non-Express template user such as a normal Internet email address can read the sent HTML data. It is formatted as plain text in the message body and clearly read, but they do not get the rendered HTML.

    If you want to send to a non Winlink address and you wish them to see the completed HTML, such as an agency representative, you can still do it. Again the original purpose is Express to Express delivery to view a rendered HTML.

    — You generate your HTML with all the desired data. After you have sent it to another Express user, it is in your Sent Items folder.

    — Now go to this folder and open the message HTML by clicking on the paperclip Icon to the left. It will pop up in the viewer template.
    Use your browser to save this sent HTML to your desktop.

    — Now attach this HTML to a message and send to your non-Express user, such as joefe…@wastemoney.com
    All the person on the other end needs to do is view the attached HTML.

    — If the saved HTML on your desktop is to big, say more than a few K, (most are not), you can compress it with whatever Zip program you use.
    Then attached that Zipped HTML and send it. Indicate in the message that they need to un-zip it to view the contained HTML.

    This is a manual process, and an extra step that if you use a few times becomes easy.

    by xe2-n6kzb

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