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High Speed Multimedia: HSMM

High Speed Multimedia – The Amateur Radio bands above 50 MHz can support computer-to-computer communications at speeds high enough to support multimedia applications. Multimedia in this case refers to voice, data and image communications. Hams call this HSMM—high speed multimedia.

Next HSMM Meeting
Meetings are on-hold as of 02/22/2017 and will occur as topics and meeting locations are available.

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HSMM Website Shortcut
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Meeting Contact
Chris Arnesen, KU7PDX

AREDN Presentation from the 2016 DCC:

Meeting Topics for January 25th:

  • Bring Linksys mesh nodes, computers, laptops, extension cords and power strips!
  • Open workshop/work party: Bring what you would like and we can experiment and talk about the state of HSMM as well.
  • Discuss HSMM news and topics, talk about HamWAN and local mesh nodes, plug in equipment and see what happens!


Typical Mesh Equipment (Note: Distriwave on eBay sometimes has some good pricing for Ubiquiti equipment.)