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Winlink Password and Instructions for RMS Express, Paclink and Airmail

Message ID: V06OPEZ4NM69
Date: 2016/01/17 19:10
Downloaded-from: RMS:K7NHV
Subject: Secure Login with Password REMINDER

On April 15, 2016, the Winlink system will begin requiring the use of passwords and secure login for all users.  IT WILL BE MANDATORY USER REQUIREMENT.  This is being done to enhance the privacy and protection of the Winlink community.  If you’ve already entered both a password and also turned on Secure Login, you don’t have to make any other changes.The transition taking place on April 15, 2016, won’t change your operation. If you have not set a password for your account, and also have not enabled Secure Login, we recommend you do it now so you won’t be surprised on April 15, 2016.

For RMS Express, setting a password and Secure login are very easy to do:

1. Connect your computer to the Internet.

2. Run RMS Express.

3. Click the menu item “Files” then “RMS Express Setup”

4. Enter your password in the field next to your callsign, and check the “Require password on connections (Enable Secure Login)” check box.

5. Enter a password recovery e-mail in the appropriate field. This must be a non-Winlink address.

6. Click “Update”.

7. RMS Express will set your password on the Winlink system and enable secure login.

NOTE: If you?re using a different Winlink e-mail client program such as Paclink or Airmail, you must follow these steps:

1. Go to www.winlink.org, and select the My Account tab.

2. If you haven?t previously selected a password, select one now.Otherwise log in.

3. Navigate to the screen that lists your account information, and click “Edit”.

4. Scroll down and enter your password-recovery e-mail.

5. Check the box to enable Secure Login.

6. Click ?Save? at the bottom of the screen.

7. Next, find the place in your Winlink client program where you can enter your password, and set it for the client. Note: there may be non-Winlink deleloped client programs that cannot accept passwords with secure login.

1. In the Airmail Menu: TOOLS > OPTIONS > SETTINGS:
2. Enter a “Radio Password” and then SAVE the configuration.
3. Go to the Winlink Website, www.winlink.org,  and complete your account setup, then look on the left side menu in your account for the Secure Login menu.

Your Winlink Development Team

73 de K4CJX
Winlink Team

Retrieving your Password for Winlink

Password Assignments & Recovery

Forgot your password? Never had one?
We will send yours to you, or if you are without we will send a fresh one.
We always send it to your @winlink.org address or wherever you have it forwarded.
1. It does not matter whether you already have a password and forgot it or have never had one
assigned yet.
A. Go to
B. Go to
and click on tab “My Account.”
2. Look for “Password Assignments and Recovery.”

Enter your call sign in the box.

Click on the box “Send my password.”


You will see the following message:
“Your password was sent to your Winlink email account. You must retrieve that email using a
program capable of over-the-air or telnet communications with Winlink.”
3. Open up RMS Express. You may see a popup box saying that the password entered in your
configuration is wrong. Ignore it for now.
4. If your computer is hooked up to the internet just select “Telnet WL2K” and open a session. If
you are not hooked up to the Internet you have to be hooked up by radio and able to receive
messages ove the air.
5. When you open a session, you will not need to have the correct password. You will be able to
download and view the message.
6. The message will say:
Subject: //WL2K Winlink Password Here’s your Winlink password: ABCDE2F
7. In the RMSE Prgram Go to “Files” then “RMS Setup.” Enter the password they sent you. Click on update.
It should be all functional now.
 Except … I got a message prompting me for a “non” Winlink email address for recovery
purposes even though that box was filled in. If you hit yes you get another chance to fill in that
blank (doesn’t seem to work for me) so I finally hit “No.” The RMS version was when was available.
8. So you will get the following:
Message ID: MU8WPG5O8KUB
Date: 2015/11/03 07:05
Downloaded-from: Telnet:Halifax.Winlink.org
Subject: Welcome to the Winlink web site!
On Tuesday, November 3, 2015 – 07:06 the Winlink system allowed access to the web site for
This web site is an integrated part of the Winlink system. You may log in at www.winlink.org
and access your account, use webmail, and make changes to your radio email account settings.
Always use –your base callsign (no SSIDs)–as your username when logging into the
site, and use the password associated with this callsign. You may log into your account
immediately by clicking this link:
Your Callsign@winlink.org is the address we use to send you notifications and email from this site.
You can forward your received Winlink mail to another address by changing settings at the site,
or by using a Winlink client program to send an “options message” to the system. See the help
file of your software for instructions about “options messages”.
If you are a Winlink gateway sysop, please re-familiarize yourself with the sysop guidelines at
http://www.winlink.org/content/join_gateway_sysop_team. Also, you now have your own blog
pages where you can describe your station and make announcements. Users can comment on
these pages as well. We encourage you to post photos of your station! Users like to get to know
the sysops behind the gateways they use. Let them know who your are. You deserve the reward
of their appreciation!
Again, welcome to Winlink!
The Winlink Development Team
9. You might also receive other messages that have been piling up. I may have even send you
Paul Tuttle

Secure Login for Winlink?

Contrary to what you may have heard, secure login is not required. We (the Winlink Development Team) are considering a proposal to do just that, but it has not been implemented. Here is what we are considering and how implementation might impact your use of Winlink:
• Require a password on all callsign accounts
• Tactical addresses can optionally have a password
• At some point in the future (AFTER all client programs can support this)  the CMS will require secure login
So, how will this change the way you use Winlink?
• If you already have a password for your callsign account and have elected secure login, nothing changes.
• If you share the callsign account (club account, etc.) with others you will need to share the password or alter your procedures to use a tactical address instead. Tactical addresses can have a password, but it will not be required.
What should you do right now?
• If your callsign account does not have a password use the Winlink web site to add one.
• Also (very important) use the Winlink web site to add a password recovery email address that can be used if you forget your account password. Without this, you could be locked out or your account for extended periods.
• If you share a callsign account with others, consider using a tactical address instead.
And finally, what is Secure Login?
The Secure Logon Protocol was created to avoid exposing a user’s password. Instead, the CMS sends a challenge phrase to the client program in order to validate account access. The client program computes a response based on the challenge phrase and the user’s password. This computed value is then returned to the CMS where the same process is used to validate it. The user’s password never leaves the CMS or the client application.
-Lee, K0QED
Winlink Development Team

Secure Login Now For Telnet and APRSLink Connections

Monday, October 26, 2015–Those who access the CMS via telnet keyboard mode with a dumb terminal, or APRSLink are now able to use password-secured connections.

Currently, ‘secure login’ is an option users can select in their account settings (‘My account > edit’ at www.winlink.org), or by configuring their password in RMS Express. If enabled, it requires your Winlink password when logging into a CMS via a client program–and now also when using a dumb terminal in ‘keyboard’ mode, and when using packet networks or APRSLink.

An upcoming system change (date to be announced) will remove the option, and afterwards will require a valid Winlink password to always access your account. It is a good idea to start using secure login now.

To login with ‘secure login’ using keyboard mode, send “PW” followed by your Winlink password (ex., PW ABC123). This must be performed before you can use any of the normal keyboard commands. Your session will expire after approximately 2 hours. You can use the B or BYE command to logout sooner. Help is available from the telnet server by typing H for a list of commands.

For clarity, this is not required if you currently have ‘secure login’ disabled and are attempting to login before the system change (date to be announced). It will always be required after the change date.

–The Winlink Development Team

Winlink Password Changes

Subject: Passwords

15 Oct 2015–The Winlink Development Team is making changes to modernize the system and prevent abuse. We have begun to roll out changes to the Common Message Servers (CMS) that will alter the connection behavior of both client software and RMS servers. Previously, users could opt into using a secure login process. In the near future, it will be required of all accounts. Users and Sysops alike should note what to expect. We are working with 3rd-party software authors to help them implement their needed changes, and allowing for a generous grace period to allow updates and a smooth transition. Here’s a summary:

1. All Winlink accounts will be required to log in to a CMS securely with a password. Currently, ‘secure login’ is optional for users, and many accounts do not have passwords. Before they are required later in the transition, the CMS has begun sending to users having non-secure accounts a new system-generated password. If you are not already using ‘secure user login’ in your client, WebMail on the web site, have not requested a Winlink password from the web site, or run an RMS gateway or RMS Relay station, your account probably does not have a password. You should look in your Winlink mail for a service message from the CMS containing a new unique password associated with your callsign account.

Note: Additional accounts using SSID variations of a callsign will always use the same password–the one associated with the base callsign, without “-0000” (SSID) appended.

Users can change their password, and request recovery of lost passwords using the Winlink web site. Be sure to add a password recovery address to your account settings!

2. Unless created by using RMS Express, all new accounts created by using a client making a first-time connection with a CMS will automatically receive their passwords in a service message. After a grace period, the CMS will require all connections to perform secure login. Prior to that, the password must be configured in a client program to allow successful secure connections.

3. Sysops need do nothing regarding passwords for the accounts running RMS gateways–they already use passwords for secure access to the CMS servers. They should be familiar with the changes in order to assist their users, however.

4. Tactical address accounts can not be used to log into a CMS, but may have associated passwords for security. Passwords are not required for tactical addresses, as they will be for all callsign accounts.

5. We will soon announce a cut-over date (we expect about six months from October 15, today) on which the CMS will begin rejecting un-secure (no password) connections for existing accounts.

–The Winlink Development Team

New RMS Post Office

There is a new RMS Post Office Station Online now.


KC7PMU-10  this station is on  145.55 mHz
Use RMS Express and send a normal Packet WL2K message addressed to the station you want to send it to.

Please send a report to kc7pmu as to the quality of the connection to the Post Office Station from your location. Please include:

Your location, Power used, type of antenna and height of antenna.

Send to kc7pmu using the Post Office Station.

New RMS Express Revision Changes

Updates have been made to the RMS Express Revisions page.

Check them out here.


Tim, K7TRP

K4REF How to Video Series — Winlink & RMS Express

K4REF has a great presentation on Winlink and RMS Express at the following link. This is also on the Winlink.org website.

K4REF How to Video Series — Winlink & RMS Express


RMS Express Revision Changes

If  you’ve ever wondered what all the revisions to RMS Express have been please visit the page below. It’s also in the Comm Modes link on the left side menu.

RMS Express Revision Changes