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The GMO Pineapple SET


Oregon ARES/RACES 2017 Spring SET

“The GMO Pineapple SET”

Please MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the Spring OR ARES/RACES Section Emergency Test

April 22nd, 2017    0900 – 1300

Scenario:  Flooding necessitating shelter operations has occurred in Oregon. This SET simulates the third day of unusually intense precipitation driven by multiple atmospheric rivers causing massive flooding and mudslides statewide. Many roads and highways are closed, thousands have been displaced from homes and large parts of the region have been without power for 24 hours, although power is being restored on a priority basis.

Objectives: One of the goals of this drill is to emphasize ARES’s role in less-than-apocalyptic incidents. An equipped, trained, and responsive volunteer force is a valuable resource for any county emergency manager. Our AROs are more than walking radios, few regional EM agencies have the ability to coordinate and manage large amounts of message traffic, even without a regional communications systems outage. Our manpower and our training is what is truly valuable during an incident.  We will seek to demonstrate ECC and Field Operations from shelter locations.

The drill guide will be forthcoming following state leadership review and is expected to be sent out in the first weeks of March.

Thank you for volunteering your time, skills, and equipment to help provide radio communications for The GMO Pineapple drill!

Please click HERE for the HTML GMO/Pineapple SET ICS-205

Please click HERE for the full GMO/Pineapple Document














N7QQU D-STAR Repeater Gateway Back Online

There was a failure with the battery in our 4G LTE modem. The battery has been replaced and the repeater gateway is now back online.

Station Managers Meeting Cancelled for March

Lynn has cancelled the March Station Managers Meeting.

Message Handling

Click here for PDF file
Click here for Power Point file

Questions? please contact Lynn, ke7wkm@arrl.net

N7QQU D-STAR Repeater Internet Outage

We are currently experiencing an internet outage on the N7QQU D-STAR repeater. This will affect all gateway functions and new user registrations.

Please feel free to contact Chris Arnesen, KU7PDX, with any questions regarding the N7QQU D-STAR repeater.

January ARES Meeting has been cancelled

The January Washington County ARES meeting at the Peppermill Restuarant has been cancelled due to the weather and possible freezing rain.

There WILL be a ARES NET on 146.90 this evening at 19:00 hrs.

Please forward this to everyone.

The Meeting Presentation for tonight is below


Here’s some pictures of Ed’s KC7ZBI’s R9 Antenna that was taken out by the storm.








Then Continued to beat it.


Coming Apart

With some of the pieces on the ground.


Where’s the very top?  Right now who knows.

Winlink Password and Instructions for RMS Express, Paclink and Airmail

Message ID: V06OPEZ4NM69
Date: 2016/01/17 19:10
Downloaded-from: RMS:K7NHV
Subject: Secure Login with Password REMINDER

On April 15, 2016, the Winlink system will begin requiring the use of passwords and secure login for all users.  IT WILL BE MANDATORY USER REQUIREMENT.  This is being done to enhance the privacy and protection of the Winlink community.  If you’ve already entered both a password and also turned on Secure Login, you don’t have to make any other changes.The transition taking place on April 15, 2016, won’t change your operation. If you have not set a password for your account, and also have not enabled Secure Login, we recommend you do it now so you won’t be surprised on April 15, 2016.

For RMS Express, setting a password and Secure login are very easy to do:

1. Connect your computer to the Internet.

2. Run RMS Express.

3. Click the menu item “Files” then “RMS Express Setup”

4. Enter your password in the field next to your callsign, and check the “Require password on connections (Enable Secure Login)” check box.

5. Enter a password recovery e-mail in the appropriate field. This must be a non-Winlink address.

6. Click “Update”.

7. RMS Express will set your password on the Winlink system and enable secure login.

NOTE: If you?re using a different Winlink e-mail client program such as Paclink or Airmail, you must follow these steps:

1. Go to www.winlink.org, and select the My Account tab.

2. If you haven?t previously selected a password, select one now.Otherwise log in.

3. Navigate to the screen that lists your account information, and click “Edit”.

4. Scroll down and enter your password-recovery e-mail.

5. Check the box to enable Secure Login.

6. Click ?Save? at the bottom of the screen.

7. Next, find the place in your Winlink client program where you can enter your password, and set it for the client. Note: there may be non-Winlink deleloped client programs that cannot accept passwords with secure login.

1. In the Airmail Menu: TOOLS > OPTIONS > SETTINGS:
2. Enter a “Radio Password” and then SAVE the configuration.
3. Go to the Winlink Website, www.winlink.org,  and complete your account setup, then look on the left side menu in your account for the Secure Login menu.

Your Winlink Development Team

73 de K4CJX
Winlink Team

Digital Program

Very useful Digital Modem and File transfer using soundcard
This can also be used over your mic and speaker.

FLDigi / FLARQ – digital modem / ARQ file transfer

Click HERE to visit site

Click HERE to goto the download site

April 7 Training Net Presentation

During tonight’s weekly ARES Training Net (8pm PDT), Dale Hunt, WB6BYU, will be giving a presentation on Antennas and Feedlines. Below you can download the presentation for viewing during the net.

20150407 Antennas and Feedlines-Dale Hunt WB6BYU

There is a hands-on antenna class being planned for May 2 from 9am until Noon. More information will be posted as it becomes available.